40 Years of Foxx

A chronology describing the career of musician, artist and polymath
John Foxx. One short chapter each month on the
40th anniversary of the events described

Everything on this site is my own work based on research, interviews and extensive networking. While every attempt is made to be correct where possible, I reserve the right to introduce assumptions and ‘educated guesswork’ to enable narrative flow where necessary.

Nothing is ‘official’ and is not endorsed by John Foxx or any agent acting on his behalf

Any factual inaccuracies are entirely deliberate.

Please do link to the appropriate page if referencing the material, but don’t copy and paste anywhere else without asking permission first

If you can add or correct information, I am always happy to engage and exchange. Everything here will ultimately feed into the official John Foxx website at metamatic.com and provide background and archive to that site.

Thank you, and click click


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